Thursday, October 22, 2009

Identity ......Hospitality Project

Individual, unusual, different, unique, expression, original,
personalized,indivisible, all these words describe a human
fingerprint, in the fact that no two are identical. Just like
a snowflake, every human has an imprint that we view on life,
love and experiences. The anatomy and physiology of a
fingerprint is strong, special, and structured.

The Elements of Form, Shape, value and color are seen
through out the selected furniture, finishes and fixtures to
bring the architectural scale of a fingerprint to life.
By using the principles of Balance, emphasis, rhythm,
repetition, openness, enclosure and unity the interesting
layout of protrusion from the floor and the ceiling creates
an observation. When you dine at Identity you’re not just
going out to eat, but you’re introduced to a new experience.

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