Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Riverside Medical Center

Riverside Medical Center
Located: springfield, OR
Concept: The Concept behind this Medical Center is focused on
Cannon Beach located along Oregon’s coastline.

Warm sunset colors allow the human to feel energized,
so by bringing warm tones such as red, oranges and yellows
this will brighten up the space, the visitors mindset as well as
the staff working there.
By focusing on warm tones located throughout the family waiting
area and elevator lobby, an uplifting emotion can flood through
the space to keep visitors at ease, while cool, serene hues located
throughout the majority of the patient corridor will allow for the
patients to feel healthy and relaxed. With custom built in frames
around the beds, the patients can feel a sense of protection and
comfort as they stay at Riverside Medical.

The elements of color, texture, value, shape, and form will be
used throughout the space to create an experience unlike typical
medical centers. Balance, emphasis, rhythm, openness, enclosure
and repitition will bring the feeling of Cannon Beach into the
minds of patients, staff and welcoming visitors.