Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thesis process work...

SO this is some of the process of my senior thesis. I'm designing a 6 deck, 247 foot vessel, so essentially a luxury cruise ship for a single family. The concept behind this piece is " natural elements that are manipulated by water". the idea is capturing the transformation. for example a tree trunk that's manipulated and in return give you driftwood or a glass bottle that in return give you sea glass.

these aren't the colors or anything that I'm using, I've started applying some materials but haven't put in lighting yet, so once that's in there the colors and textures will completely change, so 7 weeks and counting.ahhhhhhh!!!!! that's so crazy!

so what are you looking at?

the first several pictures are of the upper deck (main living quarters), the green pieces are othrographic views of the bridge deck, and the last ones are the main deck. I've been putting the majority of time and effort into the upper deck so as you can see that one is a lot more detailed then the others, but im just truckin a long, had a few minor set backs due to computer issues, but im still hangin in there and kickin butt on this yacht. I'm also thinking of re-naming it. the original which i got the construction drawings from is called the Trighton. So if anyone has some ideas, Lemme know..i was thinking something along the lines of either the greek or roman sea god, but up for input.

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Identity board Finals

Here are the board layouts that i turned in for my final for Identity Restaurant.
They're set up to go side by side so the shapes continue onto the next board.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Identity Restaurant Revisions

So im still using the same concept for my restaurant, but i have completely changed everything about the design since midterms about 17 times (not even kidding) and so i landed on this one, and im stickin to it, probably cuz i finally got my lighting to work, and have modeled everything, but im still working on some things before i start my animations, but here are some camera views of the new Identity Restaurant.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thesis Proposal

while studying interior design over the past four years, I've been able to dabble in different types of design projects from; Residential Design, Commercial Design, Retail Design, Corporate Design, Health Care Design and now currently working on Hospitality Design.

However after doing much research and consideration i found i have a strong interest in Yacht Design, Naval Architecture and Engineering.

Usually as a senior part of our curriculum for second semester is to go for an internship for 15 weeks, But since the economy is doing so poorly, a lot of firms are laying off employees, and if their hiring interns, then they're free intern positions.

So the alternative to that situation is a Senior thesis. Something I am very interested in. I see this as a great opportunity where i can take the chance to make my portfolio as strong as possible, before graduation.

So knowing that I have such an immense interest in yacht design this is my thesis proposal:

Research and Studies into the construction of advanced Yacht aesthetics, human interaction and new age technology.

Researching topics about:
If green design can be functional on a constantly moving space
If there are ways that maybe hydrogen could be used instead of fuel
What effects do the naval shipyards have on the ecological surroundings?
just ideas like that

but I'm excited! it's going to be difficult, but I'm ready!