Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thesis process work...

SO this is some of the process of my senior thesis. I'm designing a 6 deck, 247 foot vessel, so essentially a luxury cruise ship for a single family. The concept behind this piece is " natural elements that are manipulated by water". the idea is capturing the transformation. for example a tree trunk that's manipulated and in return give you driftwood or a glass bottle that in return give you sea glass.

these aren't the colors or anything that I'm using, I've started applying some materials but haven't put in lighting yet, so once that's in there the colors and textures will completely change, so 7 weeks and counting.ahhhhhhh!!!!! that's so crazy!

so what are you looking at?

the first several pictures are of the upper deck (main living quarters), the green pieces are othrographic views of the bridge deck, and the last ones are the main deck. I've been putting the majority of time and effort into the upper deck so as you can see that one is a lot more detailed then the others, but im just truckin a long, had a few minor set backs due to computer issues, but im still hangin in there and kickin butt on this yacht. I'm also thinking of re-naming it. the original which i got the construction drawings from is called the Trighton. So if anyone has some ideas, Lemme know..i was thinking something along the lines of either the greek or roman sea god, but up for input.

Enjoy :)

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